Purpose of a Funeral

For thousands of years, funerals have been a means of expressing our beliefs, thoughts and feelings. It helps us acknowledge the fact that someone we love has passed, allowing us to physically say goodbye before the they are taken to their final resting place.

Every LIFE has a story, no two are the same. It is full of opportunities to express love for another, a Funeral is one of those opportunities. The purpose of a funeral is to help: acknowledge the death; remember a life; acknowledge their unique personality, their life's path, and, most importantly, activate support from family and friends during this naturally difficult time. This encouragement stimulates feelings for all parties as it affirms the relationship and leads to healing after the loss.

Planning a loving tribute, captures the spirit of the loved one, celebrates their life choices, affirms shared relationships, honors memories, and pays special tribute to the celebrated life of your dearly beloved. Honoring another person’s life is truly an act of love - for everyone!

Conclusively, a funeral provides an opportunity for family and friends to gather, share stories, express their love, respectfully honor someone, who was important to them, and console the survivors. Often, these validated stories and emotions offer consolation to surviving family members which helps them adjust to their loss and face the reality of their loved one's Eternal Life. An extremely difficult first step toward taking grief from the inside and allowing them to express it on the outside through mourning.

Meaningful loving funerals are doorways of healing for the bereaved.